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Sustainable Building Design & Green Building Certification

Increasingly, the green agenda has become a global strategic initiative. We must prepare for the significant and unavoidable consequences of ever increasing carbon emissions such as increasing temperatures, and the increasing frequency of extreme weather events. This can be tackled by creating resilient future- proof buildings. The value added for our clients is that green certified buildings are more cost-effective and realize greater value in the long term.


Green Building Design|Sustainability Consulting| Green Star Certification| LEED Certification| EDGE Certification| The WELL Building Standard® Certification


Environmental Services

Achieving excellent environmental outcomes is central to our day-to-day work. Trium Limited is particularly adept at providing sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective environmental solutions. We offer a fresh perspective through a comprehensive, integrated approach to environmental management offering transparent and reliable solutions to environmental management issues. We evaluate and monitor project sites and implement an environmental management plan, as well as provide on- going reporting.


Environmental Impact Assessments| Environmental and Social Due Diligence| Construction Site Environmental Control, Monitoring and Auditing| Environmental Awareness Training Programs|


Solar Feasibility Studies

Before investing in equipment and labor for a solar power project, property owners should confirm the viability of the chosen site for harnessing solar power and the return on investment period.
There are many essential factors to consider, such as location, proximity to utilities, net metering laws, site layout, energy storage potential, and cost, to name a few.
It is very important to have solar analysis reports, which will help you come up with viable solar projects in your establishment.


Site identification and assessment | Feasibility studies | Energy yield studies and optimization | Environmental permits| Environmental Issues | Financial Modeling| Project Costing Interconnection Costs|


Climate Finance Consulting

The Trium team brings broad and diverse experience, industry insight and emerging market knowledge towards unlocking new opportunities in climate finance. Climate finance is required to spur development of infrastructure in Africa and promote growth in critical economic sectors. Our advisory services cover both climate mitigation and climate adaptation projects in the following sectors:


Renewable Energy | Energy Efficiency | Low Carbon Buildings | Waste Recycling Management|


Construction Waste Management

To cost effectively meet our client’s needs, we have various strategies that can be implemented in a single project. We mostly emphasis on source reduction and reuse of construction materials on site. We recognize that not all construction waste products can be reused or recycled and this is where our energy recovery strategy comes into play. This involves converting non- recyclable waste into electricity, heat or fuel. This reduces carbon emissions and reduces the amount of waste that is usually directed to landfills.


Construction Waste Management Plans| Recycling Energy recovery and treatment | Waste Disposal| Site Waste Audits |Pre-demolition and refurbishment audits |

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